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5 Tips for Travelling with Style & Comfort

Remember when travelling used to be fun? That’s not the case anymore, is it?

I am travelling to Athens tomorrow for a fun weekend with a girlfriend. Although the flight from Cyprus to Athens is barely 2 hours, I still need to get to the airport 2 hours before the flight (at 6am gasp), go through security, seat around & wait for the flight & then survive the drying recycled air on the plane. Yes fun, fun, fun.

Whether you’re travelling for work or leisure, when it comes to travelling in style, keeping it simple is key. So I thought I’d share some quick outfit inspirations on how to travel in style & comfort at this time of the year.

1. Wear a blazer 
Keeping it simple yet chic is key. Jeans & a blazer are perfect for travelling.

2. or a Leather Jacket 
If you want to add an edgy spin to the blazer option.

3. Bring a Scarf
A multipurpose scarf is a travelling must-have. You can use it as a blanket or a makeshift pillow.

4. Layer it up
Layering is the key to comfort when travelling. Start with a basic t-shirt & then depending on the season add a cardigan, blazer or jacket.

5. Wear sneakers
You can never go wrong with a pair of sneakers. Easy to take off at security & comfortable to travel in.

And don’t forget to hydrate & moisturise. The air on the plane is horribly drying so a bottle of water, a moisturiser & a lip balm are must haves. Don’t forget to put them in the little plastic bag & show them to security! Along with your shoes, belt, all electronic devices & hairpins 😉













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