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Apologies for still being in my pjs…BUT I had such a strong reaction to a Facebook post I read, I had to immediately turn on the camera and share my thoughts and feelings!

This is a statement used and abused in the coaching circles as a way to coerce people into buying coaching packages.

“Indecision is a form of self-abuse” is what some coaches tell potential clients to pressure them to sign up to their programs right then and there. Talk about mind-bending pressure! “If you don’t decide now it’s like you’re abusing yourself.”

Really??? I call BS and share my own personal story around this topic.

Remember to always honour who you’re. If you need time, take your time. Being slow and deliberate is an act of self-care in this fast world we live in.

Let’s remember to always honour who we are, and don’t let others bully us into action by their scary statements.

In the fast world we live in, slowing down & taking the time to consider your actions is an act of self-care.


Drumroll!!! Today I am laughing a new video series called the “I Call B.S.”
{ha! what a freudian slip of the tongue or rather of the typing fingers… of course it’s supposed to say launching, but I didn’t correct it as I am indeed laughing}

The “I Call B.S.” videos are about the bullshit that goes on in the world of business/marketing/ sales coaching.

I left the manipulative world of corporate advertising & marketing to become a life coach, only to discover even worse manipulation in the coaching industry. That’s when I decided to become a marketing coach & offer an honest approach to marketing. These videos are the result of my frustration from all the cr@p that I hear. I also want to let entrepreneurs know they don’t need to use these techniques & look out for when they are used on them 😉

I hope you enjoy them!


It was very interesting to see branding depicted as warfare at a recent workshop. The message was that branding is something you constantly need to fight for and that brands need to fight for their value.

Very 1990s, I must say.

And exactly the opposite to what we believe & teach at Confidence Inside Out.

We believe there is no war you need to fight. There is no enemy…yes, there is NO COMPETITION.

Gasp, really? yes really.

Because you are not Coca-Cola. You are you.

As a solopreneur or a small business, your company is you. And no one else on earth is the same as you. No one has the exact same combination of strengths and unique qualities as you.

And your job is not to fight for your brand value. Your job is to allow your uniqueness to shine through your work.

When you allow the real you, the true-unique-one-of-a-kind YOU to shine through your business by building an authentic personal brand, there’s no competition.

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Have you ever accomplished a goal only to feel disappointed? Have you found yourself setting goals and creating detailed plans without taking action?

Yep, been there done that.

Hi this is Maria, a former goal junkie. And for me, first came the realisation that striving & accomplishing goals didn’t bring me much joy. But I didn’t know another way so I kept going at it…

Then my inner self started rebelling “what’s the point of accomplishing another goal if it won’t make me happy? Let’s just procrastinate instead.”

But of course I hadn’t realised what was going on, so instead of tending to the problem (dear self why are you rebelling?), I kept trying to find ways to motivate myself (you can do this, you can do this), including hiring a business a biz coach to give me a kick in the butt (which I didn’t need and…oh dear that backfired big time), conditioning myself (just visualise your success like athletes do), writing my goals every day (1,2,3), keeping saying to myself “no excuses, no excuses,” doing vision boards (cut, glue, set), and just pushing, striving & doing, doing, doing.

And then CRASH, meltdown, depression…because I was treating the surface problem not the deep rooted one.  

The problem is not having goals per se, because goals can help us cultivate and grow what’s important to us. The problem lies in the kind of goals we set, which we often borrow from other people or internalise them from society telling us what we should be doing.

We deprive ourselves the knowing that comes from deep inside, creating a gap between who we are and who we should become.

But what if we looked inside instead of outside?

What if we moved from pushing & striving to be who we “should” be to allowing who we are to flourish? 

Imagine the peace and contentment this approach could bring to our lives.

Yes liking yourself is a rebellious act.

What if 2017 was the year you stopped trying to change yourself?

and instead…

  • You gave yourself permission to be who you are.
  • You focused on deeply understanding your personality, values & strengths.
  • You accomplished goals that mattered, and were meaningful to you; not to anyone else, but you.

I think that’s worth it.

What do you think? Shall we be rebellious this year?


P.S. Would you like to bring more of the real you to your business?
Then check out my Personal Branding Clarity Session.

Remember when travelling used to be fun? That’s not the case anymore, is it?

I am travelling to Athens tomorrow for a fun weekend with a girlfriend. Although the flight from Cyprus to Athens is barely 2 hours, I still need to get to the airport 2 hours before the flight (at 6am gasp), go through security, seat around & wait for the flight & then survive the drying recycled air on the plane. Yes fun, fun, fun.

Whether you’re travelling for work or leisure, when it comes to travelling in style, keeping it simple is key. So I thought I’d share some quick outfit inspirations on how to travel in style & comfort at this time of the year.

1. Wear a blazer 
Keeping it simple yet chic is key. Jeans & a blazer are perfect for travelling.

2. or a Leather Jacket 
If you want to add an edgy spin to the blazer option.

3. Bring a Scarf
A multipurpose scarf is a travelling must-have. You can use it as a blanket or a makeshift pillow.
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