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Do you worry about competition?
Do you constantly check out what others in your industry are doing?

In this 1min video I share with you a quote I recently came across that fits perfectly with what we teach at Confidence Inside Out: if you are self-employed or a small business owner YOU HAVE NO COMPETITION.

Watch to find out why.

It’s Friday! the weekend is here and while we are feverishly finishing up the week, we love to stop for a few minutes and plan some things to savour this weekend. Do you ever feel like the weekend flashes by so quickly and before you realise it it’s Monday again and you’re back at your desk? We’ve discovered that taking a few minutes to plan some simple things to savour over the weekend makes all the difference. What do you have planned for this weekend?

1. Catch up with friends over coffee.


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There’s something timeless about the combination of black and white. Something modern, fresh and sophisticated. Other colours & colour combinations might go in and out of fashion, but black and white never fades. Here are some looks for to inspire you.


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We read, We travel, We become. Derek Walcott, “The Prodigal”


Today I am thankful. And everyday!

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