Success starts with understanding & nurturing who you truly are


Would you like to connect with clients in a way that feels NATURAL & EASY?


  • Having a marketing plan that excites you.
  • Connecting with potential clients in an effortless way.
  • Knowing where to focus your energy to get maximum results.
  • Knowing how to infuse your marketing with your personality and strengths.
  • Not worrying about the competition, because you know that when you are your authentic self you have no competition.

You already have what it takes to do this. You just need to learn how to tune into yourself and let your unique values & strengths be your guides.

And that’s exactly what the Personal Branding session helps you accomplish.

The Personal Branding session helps you infuse your marketing with your personality. You leave the session knowing where to focus your efforts in order to feel authentic and confident promoting yourself.

During the session we focus on:

  1. Uncovering what makes you unique: your personality, strengths & values.
  2. The marketing areas to focus on that align with the areas of your greatest brilliance.


  • You understand your personality, strengths and values in life and at work.
  • You learn how to leverage your strengths to do marketing that feels natural & authentic.
  • You feel authentic, real & confident promoting yourself.
  • You discover how to connect with your ideal clients you enjoy working with.
  • You know where to focus your efforts for maximum results.

What you get:

  • 60 minute coaching session (face to face or on Skype)
  • Personality questionnaire to uncover your unique talents
  • Business questionnaire to explore where you are and were you want to go
  • Personalised report detailing your personality strengths, talents & values at work
  • Personalised marketing strategy so you can start taking action immediately.

Investment: £127

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I look forward to sharing with you all I know about creating your authentic personal brand & marketing plan.

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It all starts with YOU:

getting clear about who you are so you can show up as your best self in business & life.

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