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I Call B.S. Video Series Launch

Drumroll!!! Today I am laughing a new video series called the “I Call B.S.”
{ha! what a freudian slip of the tongue or rather of the typing fingers… of course it’s supposed to say launching, but I didn’t correct it as I am indeed laughing}

The “I Call B.S.” videos are about the bullshit that goes on in the world of business/marketing/ sales coaching.

I left the manipulative world of corporate advertising & marketing to become a life coach, only to discover even worse manipulation in the coaching industry. That’s when I decided to become a marketing coach & offer an honest approach to marketing. These videos are the result of my frustration from all the cr@p that I hear. I also want to let entrepreneurs know they don’t need to use these techniques & look out for when they are used on them 😉

I hope you enjoy them!

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