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Listen to yourself, not the gurus

Have you ever heard that the most important meal of the day is breakfast because it gives you a good start for the day? Well breakfast is not the only good habit to have in the morning. In fact, having a morning ritual that positively sets you up for the day will make a huge difference in your life.

While I was still in full time employment I kept thinking how I’d want my life to be outside the 9-5 (or rather 10-7) days. And when I took the plunge to set up my own business I was very very clear how I wanted my days to start: A run in the morning, breakfast, paper, coffee & blog writing. And I started doing this and it felt great. And then I lost it (maybe you found it?). I lost it, because I read a book (the 4-hour work week) that said reading the newspaper was a waste of time. If anything major happens you are going to hear it from others anyway. Then I heard from another “marketing guru” that she doesn’t listen to the news because of all the negativity affects her energetic field.

So I stopped my newspaper subscription (money wasn’t flowing in anyway, so I thought it’d save me some cash too). I went on a news -diet. And the result was worse than I expected. Not only it messed up my whole morning routine, threw it all in the air, I dried out of any creative ideas. There was no morning stimulation for my brain, so then next thing to go was my blog writing.

Little by little my morning routine was just ruined. I tried using my ipad to check up on things while having my breakfast, but for me there is nothing like the real thing: touching the paper and getting your fingers all dirty, and flipping the pages and smelling that paper smell.

I am happy to say the paper is back. Delivered to my door fresh, smelling & begged to be read.

And looking back at how I decided to just cut that morning ritual out of my life I’m thinking, “what the heck was I thinking???” When I picture myself getting up in the morning, opening the door and seeing the paper right there waiting for me, offering me the world at my doorstep I get this amazing joyful feeling. Add a brew of morning coffee & eggs & I am in heaven! It sets me up with an amazing feeling for the rest of the day. My mind starts working, I get ideas about writing, I feel connected to the world and I am ready to start my day with a smile on my face.

So be careful what advice you take on. I love reading the news and living in this world. I want to know what’s going on around me as  citizen of the UK and the world. I want to be involved. This is who I am. I should have trusted myself instead of the gurus.

In what ways have you listened to the gurus and not yourself?

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