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It was very interesting to see branding depicted as warfare at a recent workshop. The message was that branding is something you constantly need to fight for and that brands need to fight for their value.

Very 1990s, I must say.

And exactly the opposite to what we believe & teach at Confidence Inside Out.

We believe there is no war you need to fight. There is no enemy…yes, there is NO COMPETITION.

Gasp, really? yes really.

Because you are not Coca-Cola. You are you.

As a solopreneur or a small business, your company is you. And no one else on earth is the same as you. No one has the exact same combination of strengths and unique qualities as you.

And your job is not to fight for your brand value. Your job is to allow your uniqueness to shine through your work.

When you allow the real you, the true-unique-one-of-a-kind YOU to shine through your business by building an authentic personal brand, there’s no competition.

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Feel strapped for time? Too many projects going on? Wish you could find it easier to say no the myriad requests in your life?

One of the top stealers of productivity is spreading yourself thin with working on too many projects. And the worse type are the ones you get sucked in, because you just can’t say no.

If you often find yourself saying Yes when you really just want to say No don’t despair, there is light at the end of the channel.

The good news is that whatever the reasons that lie behind your challenge to say No (top reasons for most people are wanting to be liked and not hurting people’s feelings), the more you practise saying, the easiest it gets! It’s a skill that can be mastered, but as with any other skill, it takes practise.

Mastering the art of saying No will give you an immediate confidence boost as you start to feel a sense of control over you life.

So here are a few suggestions to get you going:

1. “Let me think about this and get back to you”
Your’re not saying yes, but you’re not saying no either. You could use this phrase when you like the idea but not sure if you have the time to do it. So instead of jumping right in and saying yes and then kicking yourself for committing to yet another project/meeting etc etc. If you find it really hard to say no, then use this line to buy time and then prepare yourself to go back and say no.

2.“I’d love to, but I have a packed schedule for the next couple of weeks. Let me get back to you when things slow down”
An alternative to the above. And who says things will ever slow down? This is particularly useful for fending off the person you dread going out to lunch/dinner/drinks with.

3. “Now it’s not a good time as I’m in the middle of something. How about we touch base again in x days/weeks/months.”
Use this when you’re actually interested, but this is just not a good time. Or you can use it when you get a request for help when you are in the middle of doing something important. Instead of dropping everything to help out, you make an appointment to talk at a convenient time. And the other person doesn’t feel let down.

4. “I can’t fully commit to this right now as I have other commitments”
This is all about being honest and upfront that even if you’d like to help/get involved, you won’t be able to do it properly because of prior commitments. This is about serving you and the other person.

5. “Thank you, but no thanks”
“This is just not for me, so no thanks.”
It’s indeed a wonder product, but I wasn’t looking to buy something like that today.”

Use this for the salesperson that insists you buy this miracle cuticle cream/look 20 years younger potion/self-wash & iron shirt/attract hoards of the opposite sex perfume:

Or if you want to add a bit of humour:
“Wow, it is indeed a wonder product, but I am feeling perfect already.” 😉

Now, over to you. Do you have a favourite way of saying know?

I’d love to hear from you.

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