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Apologies for still being in my pjs…BUT I had such a strong reaction to a Facebook post I read, I had to immediately turn on the camera and share my thoughts and feelings!

This is a statement used and abused in the coaching circles as a way to coerce people into buying coaching packages.

“Indecision is a form of self-abuse” is what some coaches tell potential clients to pressure them to sign up to their programs right then and there. Talk about mind-bending pressure! “If you don’t decide now it’s like you’re abusing yourself.”

Really??? I call BS and share my own personal story around this topic.

Remember to always honour who you’re. If you need time, take your time. Being slow and deliberate is an act of self-care in this fast world we live in.

Let’s remember to always honour who we are, and don’t let others bully us into action by their scary statements.

In the fast world we live in, slowing down & taking the time to consider your actions is an act of self-care.


Drumroll!!! Today I am laughing a new video series called the “I Call B.S.”
{ha! what a freudian slip of the tongue or rather of the typing fingers… of course it’s supposed to say launching, but I didn’t correct it as I am indeed laughing}

The “I Call B.S.” videos are about the bullshit that goes on in the world of business/marketing/ sales coaching.

I left the manipulative world of corporate advertising & marketing to become a life coach, only to discover even worse manipulation in the coaching industry. That’s when I decided to become a marketing coach & offer an honest approach to marketing. These videos are the result of my frustration from all the cr@p that I hear. I also want to let entrepreneurs know they don’t need to use these techniques & look out for when they are used on them 😉

I hope you enjoy them!

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