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You have no competition when you’re your authentic self


It was very interesting to see branding depicted as warfare at a recent workshop. The message was that branding is something you constantly need to fight for and that brands need to fight for their value.

Very 1990s, I must say.

And exactly the opposite to what we believe & teach at Confidence Inside Out.

We believe there is no war you need to fight. There is no enemy…yes, there is NO COMPETITION.

Gasp, really? yes really.

Because you are not Coca-Cola. You are you.

As a solopreneur or a small business, your company is you. And no one else on earth is the same as you. No one has the exact same combination of strengths and unique qualities as you.

And your job is not to fight for your brand value. Your job is to allow your uniqueness to shine through your work.

When you allow the real you, the true-unique-one-of-a-kind YOU to shine through your business by building an authentic personal brand, there’s no competition.

You don’t wake up trying to figure out who to fight today.

You wake up and share with the world who you are.

Yes there are others that might offer similar services or products. But even if they offer the exact service/product you’re offering, a replica, copy-paste kind of thing, guess what?

Clients don’t buy that thing. They buy YOU. Because you are a small business. You are the face & soul of your company.

Coca-Cola has to manufacture that face & soul and then spend millions to push it down people’s throats and convince them to like it.

But you are lucky, because you are not coca-cola.

You’re real.

You have a soul.

And you don’t need to push. You don’t need to fight.

You only need to share your brilliance.




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  • Bren Murphy says:

    Hey Maria,
    It’s powerful thinking of it that way – we are unique and our very uniqueness gives us our depth and difference. Being authentic is such a release when you finally acknowledge it.

    • Maria Mouskou says:

      Hi Bren,
      thank you for your comment. Yes! such a release when you finally allow yourself to just be 🙂
      I love your kindess project.
      have a lovely day,

  • Matt says:

    Your post really struck me, I love the Scott Stratten quote, but you expanded on it in a way that just made so much sense to me. I have been fighting for too long to fit in, to gain influence, to be liked, etc. I realize that my greatest power is simply to embrace my uniqueness and run with it. Thank you Maria, subscribed to your email list!

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